Where to get the books!


If you want a signed copy of either the paperback or hard cover, please stand by. I closed my store at “storenvy” and am building a new store. New store will hopefully be more in tune with me and you.

Otherwise, for your convenience, retailers have both paperback and e-book editions:

VOLUME ONE (IRIRS, “A Rock’n’Roll Fantasy”)
Amazon (paperback, Kindle)
B&N (paperback, Nook)
Itunes bookstore (iPad, iPhone)
Smashwords (e-book, many digital formats)
Kobo (Kobo Reader)

VOLUME TWO (IRIRS, “Surfing With The Alien”)
Amazon (paperback, Kindle)
B&N (paperback)

VOLUME THREE (IRIRS, “Go Go Godzilla”)
Amazon (paperback)
B&N (paperback)

* * *
If you purchase an e-book and would like an e-signature, follow this link:
Get your e-book signed by BHBranham



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