How to create a mini-story with one image

Mamiko, the Polish model who portrays Tsika Tsarinkov for me, just finished a shoot to fully create the little Gothic Doll of a bass guitarist in her early phase. Sometimes just one image creates a story. —>

Tsika drinks narrow

“Gig is fucking finished. You like the music? Was fantastic shit, am I right? What the fuck ever. Thank you for drink but do not get any ideas. Am just idling until damned stupid-head Large Bear returns from poisoning atmosphere of restroom.” — Tsika

The Gothic doll bass guitarist of the IRIRS band takes a swig after the performance. Do not underestimate the princess.
It Really IS Rocket Science, dark comedy of psychological adventures and twisted romance.
(model: Mamiko beautifully portrays Tsika for me  )


Before there was a band called “It Really IS Rocket Science”, there was a band called the “Lost Girls”. Made up of Tsika, Glycerin, Kpau, and Sashiko – they were music students at university who wanted to go professional. Kpau drummed, Glycerin on lead guitar, Tsika on bass, and Sashiko on keys with her gravel voice handling vocals – they weren’t doing badly but they weren’t breaking even in Los Angeles. As it got rougher, they decided to head to the Pacific Northwest where small punk and metal bands seemed to be more appreciated in the multitude of small clubs.

A few months after that move is where the opening pages of the novel series “It Really IS Rocket Science begins when a rocker-in-exile named Blar encounters one of the band in a Portland, OR snowstorm.

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When I was writing the stories, for my own amusement I used RB3 to construct the characters in their various garbs and phases and created some videos. I like to play the videos in a corner of my screen while I write. Here’s one of the Lost Girls band – they’re in Portland just before the story begins.
And yes, it’s raining outside the club.

Death marching through final edits of Volume Two.

Largely events outside my control (weather, Important Things breaking, contract work) but some of it is my own easily distracted self (oh, look! another pretty picture! and a political argument! yay! argh … ).

Have a lovely picture of the view the character Blar enjoys as he follows Tsika around – neck and shoulders for the win.


A small contest for the Volume Two book cover.

It Really IS Rocket Science, Surfing With The Alien (volume two) is coming out soon. My favorite goth doll model Mamiko has posed as Tsika to adorn the cover. I have several poses to choose from. So I’ve started a Facebook contest to see what anyone thinks.

Head over to my facebook author page ( The contest is currently pinned to the top. Follow the instructions and there may be a valuable prize for those who comment in the winning image thread. I’ll give a high resolution version of the image WITHOUT the book cover cruft to people who like/comment it. Contest ends at 11:59pm on 31 December 2013.

Direct Link to Contest Post on Facebook

small advert of Tsika