A running history of Author Events.
10/01/2014 – Preproduction planning for photo shoot, replacing Tsika character images and
creating the volume 4 cover and promotional images. Expected Spring 2015.

09/01/2014 – Began writing volume 4 of the series and a collection of short stories

07/31/2014 – 6th Annual Northwest Book Festival.
I will be lurking at Booth #15 selling the Rocket Science series and offering swag.

07/19/2014 – Release of Volume Three of the Rocket Science Series

06/04/2014 – Final edition with new cover for Volume Two released

03/14/2014 – Initial release of Volume Two

12/31/2013 – Images for cover of Volume Two delivered. Cross-promotion in progress.

12/10/2013 – Attending Northwest Writers and Publishers Association monthly meeting.

11/20/2013 – Negotiating cover for Volume Two with model, final edits of Volume Two in Progress

10/31/2013 – Volume One published. Here we go …

2013 July – Attended a Writer’s Festival, network contacts with various publishers, they liked my idea. They’re sick of vampires and supernatural stuff. Heh! Started attending Northwest Writers and Publisher Association meetings, more positive feedback based on my pitch.

2013 June – Finally convinced that this could be a publishable story, began to get serious.

2012 September – Began writing rough drafts of the series, released in weekly chapters on a small Japanese anime/manga forum for the amusement of the forum members.


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