Cover Models of Rocket Science

The cover of my first volume of “It Really IS Rocket Science” and the header image on my website here are the same woman. Her professional name is Elisanth and she’s an alternative/fetish/goth model who lives in Moldova. I’ll call us “web pen pals” of a kind since we started chatting on and off about a year ago about contact lenses and eye care. In terms of my book, Elisanth evokes the idea of “Glycerin” (the lead guitarist of the band) very nicely, both in the beginning (the book cover picture) and later as she evolves (the website image). Early in the character design, I constructed images using the Rockband character tools for reference and later found Elisanth. Her website is but you can get more of her activity on Facebook and Tumblr.


The cover of my second volume is a young Polish model who goes by the professional name of Mamiko. (blogspot). She is a miraculous twin of the fictional Tsika in the story (the waifish goth bass guitar player). Sorry, my jaw just drops any time I pull up one of her pictures. Volume Two is officially released on paperback and the e-books are out soon. She’s quite a lot of fun to correspond with, a very sweet person. She broke her elbow in March and got the cast off in April. Rehabbing in April. She’s our “patchwork doll” now with new metal parts. Looking forward to collaborating with her for Book Four after she graduates from university.

For volume 3, we return to the character Glycerin as modeled by Elisanth. Glycerin has evolved over the course of the saga – still quite fragile but projecting a more brutal look that conceals the terror that chews at her psyche.

Glycerin_collage V3njpg

For volume 4, back again to the character Tsika and her evolved look, less frilly rougher look.
(under construction)

For volume 5, currently open as to content.


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