Holiday Gift of Rocket Science Flashback Short Stories

Over on my blogspot, I’ve published four draft stories telling of events back in the past of the characters of the “It Really IS Rocket Science” saga. One story relates key events in Kpau’s early teen years. The other three stories tell of important moments in the lives of Tsika and Glycerin in their teen years.
1) “Duck! Rabbit! Duck! – A Love Story”   (Kpau)  (also available in Polish)

2) “Even Longer.” (Tsika and Glycerin, how they met)

3) “Spiders and Snakes” (Tsika and Glycerin, their first tattoos)

4) “Spider’s Gift” (Tsika and Glycerin, Tsika’s first romance)

Basically, read these for free – if you like them, you will probably enjoy the series, a dark comedy with the atmosphere of such tales as Firefly or MASH. Camaraderie, love, violence, goofy antics, adventure, and drama as experienced by a group of rock musicians who live in Portland, OR in the modern (2010s) era.

Head to -> and hit the Flashback tab to start.


I plan to write a few more of these (usually when my brain locks up on the main storyline in the book series). Then I’ll package them in an accessory volume for print and ebook.


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