Almost abandoned this website in favor of my blogspot blog but …

My WordPress blog does some things very well. My Blogspot blog does some things very well. Those things do not entirely overlap. So for now I am running both blogs and will bring this blog up to date. I also may plunk a few dollars down and get a prettier theme. Let’s face it, the free themes I’ve tried so far are clunky at best.

In the meantime, I’ve partnered up with a Polish friend and translated my “Duck! Rabbit! Duck! – A Love Story” into Polish. I have a lot of fans in Poland — largely due to my connections with Mamiko, Lady Sariel, and a half dozen other folks they know. Something like 20% of my fans on FaceBook are Polish  (or FuckedBook as Tsika has started calling it). If you can read Polish give the story a whirl. If enough Poles are interested, this could go further. Link to Polish version ->

In other news, I am mostly finished with one other short story and am 2/3s done with a third. If I get enough of them, I will collect them into a volume and release them as paperback and as ebook.
Also in preproduction with the model who portrays Tsika on my book cover. We’re focusing on these outfits ->


tsika simple garb

tsika-brutal-vamp tsika-brutal-vamp2 tsika-leather-vamp tsika-schoolgirl-sleek-ophelia


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