The Lost Girls sound off.

Random quips of a couple of The Lost Girls, the all female band that Blar Umlaut trips onto in the first book of the series “It Really IS Rocket Science”. (

Warning: Some quips are quite definitely Not Safe For Work or even Not Safe Around Some Adults.

Of course, you could read the books for the big picture.
tsika - poster
Tsika –
I curse way too fucking much. I goddam need to stop such shit.

Am not always bitch. Just kidding, go fuck yourself.
Am so many types of bitches, I have lost count. Fuck you.

Today’s forecast is cloudy, with 100% chance of fuck you.

H’okay, is truth. Regretfully admit only reason I would get large idiot out of bed would be to fuck him on the floor.

God damned air is cold! Hurts my face. Why the fuck am I living where stupid fucking air hurts my face?!

Dear hell gods, grant me patience to endure all window-licking,
crayon-eating, helmet-wearing fucktards I shall encounter today!
kpau - rocks
Kpau –
A good man can make you feel sexy, strong, and able to take on the whole world … wait, sorry … that’s whiskey. Whiskey does that.

I’m off to the gym! I think my awesome personality needs a banging shiny body to go with it!

Dryer lint. The cremated remains of missing socks.

Sorry? What was that? I was busy imagining having sex with you.

We all cope in different ways. I like sex and being awesome.

That one may be prettier. That one may be taller. But I’m way fucking cooler.


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