Glycerin’s Chinese Pepper Steak with Mixed Rice

Glycerin is the band’s cook in the series It Really IS Rocket Science. She will occasionally share a recipe.
(Visit for details)
Glycerin’s Chinese Pepper Steak with Mixed Rice
4 petite sirloin steaks (~1.5-2.0kg)
1-2 white/yellow onions
500ml (~2 cups) of chopped mushrooms (any type, shitake or portobello faved)
2 red bell peppers
Secret ingredient (see step 8)

240ml of water (1 American cup)
add enough soy sauce until it looks like Earl Grey tea
add enough corn starch until looks like milk and coffee
add sake to taste
add a splash of sesame oil
10ml (2tsp) of minced ginger, bit more if powdered ginger
15ml (1tbsp) black ground pepper
5ml (1tsp) sea salt

350ml of white Asian (short-grain) rice (1.5 cups)
120ml of red Bhutan rice (0.5 cups)

Kpau says we must use aggravating American units,so we are! Also one must remembers that recipes is more what you’d call guidelines than actual rules! Pirate cooking!

1. Start rice. Soak the red rice in water for 20 minutes or so before combining it with the white rice in your rice cooker. Use the usual ratio of water (1.x:1). Presoaking makes the tougher red rice work well with the white rice. Take a nap until the bloody thing sings to you that it is done. Give it a nice fluff.

1. Chop mushrooms, onions, and peppers into small chunks in whatever artistic way suits you, love.

2. Slice steaks finely, light should be able to shine through them.

3. Mix sauce together in the order listed.

4. Heat wok, add a splash of avocado or available cooking oil. Stir-fry onions until slightly carmelized with burn marks. Add pepper chunks, stir for a minute, add mushrooms, stir again. Dump mix into holding bowl.

5. Add a splash of oil, dump meat slices in. Stir rapidly until most of pink has vanished, dump veggies back in. Keep stirring. It’s a wok — stir! Kpau likes to help with the stirring, we don’t let her do much else. O.O

6. Stir sauce to remix the cornstarch in it, then pour into wok.

7. Stir Mix until sauce thickens.

8. Add secret ingredient (a couple of dollops of American ketchup, the real stuff – not corn syrup. We likes the Portlandia Portland ketchup!). Stir well.

Serve to 3 or 4 of your closest friends with Chinese beer we thinks.


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