Early visions of Glycerin when I started writing.

A year or so ago when I was working out Glycerin’s story within the Rocket Science saga, I would browse the Internets looking for real-life examples of how I visualized characters. Glycerin begins the story as a fairly modestly dressed shy stammering “school girl”. She has a lot of tattoos but they’re for both practical and psychological reasons. As she evolves in the story and copes with her life, her looks and style transform.

Razor Candi, a European alt model, was one of the first internet icons I found who echoed “Glycerin” to me. Much of her work is very much NOT SAFE FOR WORK (or Home or near anyone with the slightest tendency to Prude). You have been warned, so don’t cry if you follow the link and it freaks you out:

Here’s a couple of images that evoke how I saw Glycerin early in development. Someone managing to be sweet, pretty, and scary crazy at the same time. I ended up with the model Elisanth obviously. Elisanth is able to completely transform herself for a photo and she’s having fun doing the work to “be” my final vision of Glycerin 😉



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