Bands sometimes do radio interviews

Bands do radio interviews, pod cast interviews, magical ether-wave interviews. Sometimes they get out of hand.

Disk Jockey: So what does the Rocket Science band like best about their chosen instruments? Kpau?

Kpau: Drumming burns energy almost as good as sex! I like sex! When you get right down to it, there’s no point to anything but sometimes you get to eat candy and have sex — so that makes it all good! What was the question again?

Sashiko: F***in’ Texas Moo! He’s askin’ about music! Ah dinnae ken how yer brain gets from point A ta point B without sex! I don’t talk ’bout sex, ask another question. Wait …

Glycerin: Is this m-m-mike on? … … … bloody … is he ask-asking us ab-about s-s-s-sex, love? We has to go the ‘loo. Now.

Blar: I like drums and now I have to go retrieve our guitarist. Be right back.

Tsika: Am surrounded by circus clowns! Idiots! Bass guitar is my beloved instrument! Love the f***ing feel of the sound vibrating my bones! Is nice public way of feeling like being f***ed! What the f***! Is engineer f***ing bleeping me? G** D*** f***ing H***. You are **** *****. How dare you F***ing censor straight talk! Is ****ing **** *** ***!! **** YOU!!!!

Disk Jockey: Anddddddd we’ll go to commercial break now.

It Really IS Rocket Science, the Series
Volume 1: A Rock’n’Roll Fantasy
Volume 2: Surfing With The Alien

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