Volume Two entered publication process review

Finally! The contents of Volume Two have been submitted for publication review (which means they’re just making sure it won’t throw up during the paperback printing). I’m running the back cover by Mamiko for a final check. If she is fine with the imagery, then we’re set to go.
Final version volume two derez
Next, I can order a shipment of books and my FB store will be live for sales. It takes a few days more for the paperback to appear on the Amazon racks, then a week or two to appear on B&N. It’s a bigger book, almost 50% more story (and that’s after slicing out fun stuff that didn’t advance the story, I may publish those on my website as free short stories). I thought seriously about splitting the epic but then that would just defer the size problem to the third volume. I just stare at the wildly varying sizes of the Harry Potter series to rationalize my decision

While all that is in process, I’ll work on the e-book edition of Volume Two. The only difference between paper and electronic format is that the table of contents is handled differently and, of course, there’s no back cover.


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