The not-so-wonderful world of Facebook. Changing the channels.

Facebook implemented new algorithms last month that have basically stabbed and mugged all the content producers on Facebook. You can no longer depend on your posts GETTING TO the newsfeeds of people who have liked/follow you. Now they show you how few people have seen your post and suggest you “boost” the message, only $7+ dollars!. Right.

They’ve done the same thing to individual users, only there they call it “promote” next to share. Basically, FB is starting down the grim road of mugging Granma who just wants her family to see the photos she took.

For artists, models, hobby groups, etc. this is a disaster – the pricing model gouges small business. I wouldn’t mind a simple subscription, even rated by my number of likes. But the current model offers no guaranteed delivery: I could toss $50 a week at them and have no assurance on what percentage of my posts reach my followers. They simply suggest it might get better. This is thuggery.

If FB doesn’t back off from this model, I predict a general exodus of talent from FB in a year or less. They won’t *leave* but they’ll just stop caring about their FB presence. At best, they will only use FB posts to steer eyeballs off of FB to their blogs and other channels. This is called FB shooting itself in the foot.

I’m taking that tack now. I’ve been treating my blog, tumblr, etc. as secondary but I’m flipping that now. The purpose of social channels is to lure people to my website, be entertained, and want to buy my stories. Hootsuite is an awkward but useful little tool to help manage almost any social media. I’ve started using that.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how the artist/author/model/cosplay community reacts to FB’s shenanigans over the next 12 months.


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