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Rocker-in-self-exile Blar Umlaut spots an enchanting goth princess in a snowstorm. The chain of events that follow lead to a revival of his career, a new band, romance, adventure, and dark hilarity with the trio of women he befriends.He isn’t certain whether he is helping because he’s smitten or because it would be a crime to let their talent go unnoticed. It’s a lot of both. It Really IS Rocket Science.

An adventure series about the members of a rock band. Comedy, drama, romance, travel, and stage lights. The ups and downs of a group of quirky misfits and their lives making music together and figuring each other out.

Join Blar and the Lost Girls, Tsika, Kpau, and Glycerin as they join forces to form “It Really IS Rocket Science” and try to take their band to the top while keeping each other afloat.