A review! I love reviews! (good or bad if they’re well written)

From Amazon – Taboo? Thought provoking! Good clean(ish) fun!

“B.H.Branham captivates the reader through the complex journey that makes up the human psyche while retaining enough comedy relief to keep the reader feeling sane. Branham successfully takes a page out of James Joyce’s playbook in writing from the female perspective as a male author. It Really Is Rocket Science is appropriately titled as it lightheartedly explores the complexity of the human condition, both male and female. Branham successfully engages an audience with a catchy premise and taboo relationships through characters that you can’t help but fall in love with (I adore Kpau).

This book is a must read even if you are not an avid Anime fan, or for some strange reason, not a fan of music. Branham successfully draws characters that have qualities anyone could relate too, laugh with, or fall madly in love.

Be sure to check out BHBranham’s You Tube channel as well. He has done some great work using Rock Band videos to bring his characters to the screen. This is great, especially for those who may need to gain reference to some of the Classic Rock sounds of IRIRS.” By MoGwAi!


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